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I'm getting this error in my event manager. It was triggered 2 weeks ago. How do I resolve this error? I've searched for resolution and have yet to find any. Thanks.
Hello,I am trying to import some reviews via CSV file. I have edited the CSV file to the appropriate Ali Reviews format, but keep getting "No valid data found to import." error when I try to import the file through the Ali review's spreadsheet upload...
I think i got it. In Seal Subscription app, I went to subscription rules settings and was able to add a discount for the items on the subscription list. Thanks!
This is what I'm seeing when I get to the Create Discount page. I do not see the "purchase type" section.
Hello, I'm very new to shopify. My website is not live yet. I have a product that I have listed on the website that I sell via two options, single purchase and subscription option. How do I setup a discount for the subscription option?
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