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I installed an app but I didn't really need it so I uninstalled it from my shopify account, but when I got my renewal notice from shopify i noticed that I've been charged extra for the app that I uninstalled! So I reached out to them asking for subsc...
I ordered from my store to make sure everything is okay, and i received an unfulfilled request from shopify, and i sent the fulfillment request. Can you tell me what i should do next!? Also can anyone give me feedback on my store please! Autocarvac.c...
hello @Danishshopdev !i just contacted namecheap and they wanna know who is "they" in this context who must send a verification email.
 autocarvac.comhere you go, and thx
i couldn't open my store like i used to do, a message from chrom will appear that says " your connection is not private", can someone please help! 
Can someone explain this please? I have no idea how to do that! "Resolve these domain issues to ensure your Shopify site works for customers.Error fetching domain A record: Open your domain provider's DNS settings for c** and check that the re...
How can i visit my domain provider? I bought it from shopify.
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