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Im pretty sure I disabled it awhile ago...There is no longer a "Customer Accounts" section in Checkout settings.
I do not want the ability for customers to create customer accounts in my store.  Even though, I have removed the link from my published store, somehow accounts are still being created.  I have navigated to "edit code" and see all the Customer accoun...
@Abdosamer can you also help me with this one?
 Yes...added an Insurance tag to the Route protection product
Here is my related-products.liquid code...please let me know where to add it.... {{ 'component-card.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}{{ 'component-price.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}{{ 'section-related-products.css' | asset_url | stylesheet...
Is there code to help to rearrange how shipping/insurance is listed at Checkout and on the Order Confirmation email? Please see screenshots, I would like "Route Protection" to be listed last if a customer applies it to an order.      
Is there a code to stop "Shipping" and "Insurance" products from showing up in the "You May Also Like" list? Please see attached screenshot, we do not want the "Route Protection" showing up as a product in the list....  
I have setup my Shops for Facebook and Instagram, but when in the Meta Commerce Shop Editor, I can not find the Styles settings.  I want to center align my product titles and prices on the Facebook and Instagram shops.  Where do I find this ability? ...
In store settings, I have turned on Shopify Taxes and set my region/state(Tennessee) and added tax ID. My store is fully online, no physical address. When checking out, if a customer's address is in Tennessee, it calculates taxes. But if a customer's...
Thanks, but I ended up creating a new Collection Page and specifying all the correct Collections to it...I now point my Collection menu to it.
Oh I got you now...Im not trying to add it on the Home Page.  This is a Collection List page on the Dawn is its own page.  Once you click on the Collection page, it shows like I provided in the original screenshot. But I want to exclude on...
Not sure what you mean by "featured collection", my theme does not have that.  Can you provide a screenshot?
I created a collection (that excludes certain items) to use for my "Shop All" page. This collection now shows on the Collections list page and I do not want it to. There is no way to select certain collections to show on this page. How do I exclude t...
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