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Are you using Chrome? my issues are also on Android 
Never managed to fix it, sometimes it's fine but often it's bugged. Shopify didn't offer any help 
Yeah I have a software engineering background, If you point me in the right direction I can probably figure it out, although my experience is more in Java backend not so much on the website side.
Hey William,  I cleared the cache, cookies, updated chrome even updated my theme and still having the issue. My website is Thank you for your help ☺️ Also it's happening on my mobile not sure about desktop.
Hi William, it's still happening, I think it's a chrome issue as it's not happening on Brave browser. But chromes so popular I want it working properly 
This has just started happening and I can't figure out why, iv asked some customers and friends to check and they aren't getting the same error, but I'm getting it I'm guessing there will be others. When going onto the Checkout it's loading all weird...
Hey,  Did you manage to fix this? I've also just started having this issue recently  
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