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Thanks a lot! It worked 
Hi, I need help as my announcement bar language switcher appears behind the header (see https://ofinomics.com/) I would like to keep both announcement bar and header sections as sticky but only to move header behind announcement bar currency and lang...
Sorry again @PageFly-Henry , but now the problem is that the language and location selector menu appears behind the header... I have already tried to change the z-position of the announcement bar but it doesn't work. Could you please help on this? Th...
Thanks again for your effort on this! It fixed the space between header and announcement bar but now it seems like header is sticky but announcement bar it is not.
Thanks a lot! It fixed the bug 
Hi @techlyser_web, Thanks a lot for your response, but after posting your code, the web appears the same. 
Hi there!I would like to remove space between sticky announcement bar and header (https://ofinomics.com/I have already tried to reduce padding in base.css and theme.liquid but it wasn't efffective. Can someone help me? I would appreciate it very muc...
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