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Hello, just a quick question.I am selling in Sweden and therefore Swedish kronor is my currency. Currently the abbrevation for kronor on my website is "SEK", but every Swedish store used "kr" instead. Is this possible to change from "SEK" to "kr" wit...
Thank you! This worked
Hello,I am using Colorblock theme and my prices are too big font size. How do I change to smaller font size?Here is my store: Produkter – Ekix & Co. (
My website's primary language is swedish as Sweden is my primary market but I also have translated everything to english for international markets. How can I set english as international market's primary language and still keep swedish as Sweden's pr...
Looks a lot better now. Thank you!
Sorry for that. I’ve removed password now
Sorry. I have removed password now you
 Hello,My product titles in catalog view are small and I can’t find a way to change it (check image). Is there code that can fix this?
Hello,I have the same problem with Colorblock theme. My product title in the catalog page is very small (look at image below).
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