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When I resize my window it always misaligns my menu and logo. Any ways to fix this problem?www.constructionlayers.comPW: CollectionThree 
You can use the password CollectionThree to enter my website
When i resize my window it becomes white again 
Hi I have a customized menu bar on the left side of my website. The thing is when I go to collection page and resize the window my menu bar text overlaps some the products on my collection page.  My website at the moment How I want it to be www.const...
Hi would like to ask how you can make your home page logo white while the rest of your pages are black. Please help!  www.constructionlayers.comPW: CollectionThree
Can you check again?
I deleted the code already but it also affects my home page spacing. I would like for it to be applied on all pages except the home page
Can you give me codes and instructions?
Hi,I need help in fixing the number of product columns displayed on my collection page. I changed the setting to 3 columns but somehow it registers as 2 columns only. For mobile I wanted it 2 columns but it appears as 1 column only.Any tips on how to...
Hi I would like to change the text, symbols and logos to black instead of white but specifically for my HOME PAGE ONLY. I need help! Thank you very much www.constructionlayers.comPW: CollectionThree
Hello everyone, I need help in customizing the checkout page of my website. Here are a few of my concernswww.constructionlayers.comPW: CollectionThree 1. Adjust logo size and make it smaller2. Change CART icon to the one i have in my home page 3. Rem...
It didn't work for my hamburger menu
This somehow worked but it didnt work for the hamburger menu icon and its menu pages
Hi everyone, Could anyone help me remove the quick button fill animation that appears when you press a button on mobile version?  www.constructionlayers.comPW: CollectionThree    
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