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Bio: Shopify developer who loves to solve bugs and work on Shopfiy theme development and add new features using liquid and Javascript

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Hi, can you share your store link or images where you want to fix this?
You are welcome. Seems like you issue has been resolved. Please don'tforgetro like and accept my previous post as solution.
Hi @Katezaremba , You can follow the below steps to bypass product preview- open shopify admin and theme customizer of published theme- click on that section the one with heading show wallpapers, this will be the featured collection section- then scr...
Hi, This can be changed from the admin side.For example I have a product with variant title 'size' and it shows like this on admin side: and it shows like this in the theme:  You will have variant named as 'title' instead of something like size or co...
Hi @Simon159 , Here is how you can do it- open theme code- open file called '' section-related-products.css"- find this code:.related-products__heading { text-align: center !important; } Then add another css properterty font-size: 26px; and save ...
Hi @Simon159 , There is how you can do it - Open theme editor- Open file called base.css- On the end of this file add this code@media screen and (min-width: 750px){ .footer__content-top .grid { column-gap: 14rem; } } - Save the theme- you can...
Hi @Simon159 ,This shopify store uses this app called route:https://apps.shopify.com/route  
Hi, there are few options you can check with- Clear browser cookies and try again- Alternatively You can try login in the incognito mode and try again to save- When there is a problem like this you can always check the https://www.shopifystatus.com/ 
Hi, I just checked and found it is a separate issue. Where the list of submenu is too long.   I recommend to add another menu item divide all list of brands between 2 menu items.
You are welcome. I check now.
Thank you. you are welcome. Happy new year to you too. 
Hi, Currently taste theme doesn't offer this option by default from theme customizer.There are 2 options to do it1. Edit theme code> add new settings of type URL in the image with text section then use this new URL for image element it requires liqui...
Hi, Its a problem with z-index. this is how you can fix this.Goto shopify theme list edit the theme code.Goto file stylesheet.css and paste the following code in start of the file:#modal-ajax-cart{ z-index: 99; } .slideout__drawer-right.search-side...
You are welcome 
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