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Thank you @PageFly-Henry I changed text-align to justify, and it looks how I wanted it to look now, also the title is centered and everything looks better now. Also can you show me where you got the class name/handle(div#imagewithtext line) in case I...
@PageFly-Henry I removed password.
Hello, i need help with my shopify store. I was wondering is it possible to justify text for mobile version too. The text is justified for desktop version but coudnt do it for mobile version. Me store - This text - https://prn...
What I want is a button in the middle of the video. You can see how i want it to be at the very top of the site(there is a gif with a button that says "Our collection"), basically what i want is to have this "our collection" button in the middle of t...
The problem was not inserting the video, the problem is idk how and if its possible to put a button on top of it, that would lead user to the all product section.
Hello, Is it possible to put a button on a video, I made a custom liquid section where I put a looping video, which I wanted to use as my first image on the site, behind the transparent header (I tried making a gif, but the correct size and quality m...
Thank you! At first nothing changed, but I changed max-width:990px to min-width:990px instead, and then it worked. This problem is solved, however I wanted to ask if there is a solution to the other question about the custom liquid where I put the vi...
I removed the restriction, you can enter without the password now.
Sure. (just began working, ignore the gray line)
Hello, Im using the Dawn theme for my store, and I need help with the header. Im using the top center position option so the logo is in the middle and the menu is on the left side and the icon menu with account cart and search button is on the right ...
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