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I can't save the code it doesnt allow me... 
 I can't upload it, there seems to be an error in the following part:.section-header.shopify-section-group-header-group.scrolled-past-header sticky-header.header-wrapper { background: #FFFFFF !important; } 
Hi AnneLuo  Thanks for your response.  However thisone doesnt work for us bc the header on the mobile device is now completely grey and not semi transparent like yours...  
Hi y'all I have a question about our header.The header turns from transparent to white while scroling as it should be, however on a mobile device it doesnt turn white at all - it stays transparent (but on the mobile preview on the desktop it shows is...
It doesn't work, it just shows the code now in the header... 
Hi y'all Can someone assist me with the coding for our shop?We aim to display a different logo in the header on the homepage and on the various category pages as well. Similar to how the font colors change while scrolling." Thanks in advance!regards,...
Hi there Can someone help me with the code on my website? I would like to have a diffrent logo while scroling and on the other pages?  The website is the links for the images are:  1. while scrolling:
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