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Hi @Distinctz , Let me know, if Is this ok or not. If this is solved, mark it as an accepted solution. Thank you.
Hello @EnzoLC , 1. I did research about it in Shopify documentation but did not find anything about it. Anyway, I am sharing with you my thoughts, on what could happening behind the scenes. "When the form for login or registration or any kind of form...
Hi @Distinctz , It's ok. To send the collaborator request. It is required to submit a collaborator request code. Please give me the code. To know about how you could find the collaboration code. watch this YouTube video. Link Thank you.
Hello @Distinctz , This theme has a lot of modifications, it is true. However, the base of the theme is a free theme that is normally provided by Shopify. And I am 100% confirm that. Anyway, I have told you the way how I can help you. If you want, I ...
Hello @Distinctz , Look like you are using the Shopify free theme in your store. And I think it's a little technical issue. Could ask you for collaborator access to your store to sort out that? I am confused about what happened to your store, the hea...
Hi @Distinctz , If you provide your store URL. It will be easier for us to help you. Thanks.
Hi Gabriel, I did this in my store like that-  Follow these steps to do that.Go to Online Store > Themes > Edit CodeSearch for "contact-form.liquid" file.replace the file's code with this code -  {{ 'section-contact-form.css' | asset_url | stylesheet...
Hi @MuddassarHafeez , Your store has a free theme installed. and the theme does not have the feature as your reference. Now achieve this feature requires some coding into your theme. I hope you got the point. Thank you.
Hi @jkaiser1 , If you have coding knowledge, You can follow these instructions -Add custom line item property for your products, where your customer can write text.This will automatically display in the cart page, and checkout page but not the order ...
Hi @jkaiser1 ,You can display personalize line items onCart page.Checkout page.Order confirmation email also. To do this. First of all, add an input for grabbing the line item property and value on your product page. then it will automatically displa...
Hi @EnzoLC  Thanks for providing the full code. Here is the modified version of the full code. You can find a line of text "change the URL". replace the URL you that want to redirect. This is for only the code you provided, It should no use for other...
Hi, @EnzoLC , The code should be work. Because It working for my cases. I think you are missing something else. Could I ask you for the whole code. So I can send you the modified version of the code. Thanks.
Hi @Darcy11  Currently, there is no way to reach out to you via this community. Could you please send me an email? Email: abdullah21673@hotmail.com Thank you.
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