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U already gave up? xD
Here's my thoughts:Defer Non-Critical JS/CSS: Load only what's needed upfront. Defer or async load heavier JS and CSS files that aren't critical for the initial load.Optimize Critical CSS: Inline the critical CSS needed for above-the-fold content. Th...
Could you sent us your website?High traffic but low or no sales means you don't have a well conversion rate optimized website.This can range from unprofessional UX, to slow or bothersome checkout process, or you might be confused about general CTR.Fo...
Hey,Whether you use Wordpress or Shopify makes no difference for rankings, it is all based on the same ranking factor principles both platforms can fulfill.Are blog posts worth it? Absolutely.Are backlinks worth it? Absolutely, especially on highest ...
Hey Nonsin,The bigger the store, the bigger the CSS and Dom will be, so contrary to instinct, more succesful stores often have lower speed on Lighthouse.This does not mean that lower speed is better for ranking, but they might be doing everything wit...
Hey there Ole,Glad to see you have resolved this issue.If you need further analysis of how to improve your store on a technical front, let me know.We optimize stores for visibility and speed, optimize PDP's, implement the right keywords where competi...
Dear,Dom size can be a complex issue, but more often than not reducing, compressing, minifying and combining JS/CSS can be the biggest culprit.If you need assistance with this, and in general getting your store much faster, feel free to reach out.I h...
You're asking for people to work on your store for free?We could help with JS compression and getting your store from 43 to 80+ speed, but good technical SEO costs money dude.No free lunch.
Dear,Upon first screening I already found obvious reasons why; you might want to get an SEO to work on this site.The basic metatags (titles, descr too long, no real keyword targeting), heading structure (empty H1), aswell as PDP optimization is not d...
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