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I tried to change a lot of settings, but it doesn't seem to impact this section. I was wondering if there was a way to change the HTML code of the theme to remove it or anything similar to it. Just as long as there is a way to remove it.
We currently have our store set-up in the markets of the Netherlands and Belgium. However when selecting a different country, it starts with EUR €. Is there a way to remove this? Because it is obvious for the customers that the shop is in the Euro cu...
Hi Iffikhan,  It is not necessarily the shipment that is the problem, but it is receiving the order in the right mailbox. Because in the notification setting I can't differentiate between the different country stores. I can only select all orders, on...
We have a problem with a new online store we are setting up. It is located in the Netherlands as well as Belgium, which we created under one account. The problem arises when a customer places an order. Is there a way to set-up that the orders on the ...
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