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Thanks so much it worked, do you know how do I remove that white border around it, you can see it between the menu and the banner? 
I was wondering if there is way to have 2 versions of the collection banner - 1 for desktop and another one mobileThis an example of a brand who does it - https://littlesleepies.com/collections/flower-friendsWhat files or setup do i need to do to pul...
hi I've noticed that the collection banner is the same width as the page width. I would like the collection banner to be 100% full width so there is no white spacing around it - which i noticed this is the color scheme gradient thing. is there a way ...
hi! i would just like to hide the thumbnail, not delete the image per se, because if you see the product, from a collection page, then you wont be able to see the main feature image. 
Hi I was wondering if there is a way to hide the feature image thumbnail so it doesn't look duplicated when selecting a variant. In this case when I choose apple variant I can see the variant thumbnail, but underneath the main feature image, I would ...
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