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Hi how can I hide this black line and 3 dots on my Shopify website desktop this is my url-  https://0c6xea8ghhvon99j-79986622787.shopifypreview.com
  How do I make it possible to select a image for desktop then a separate one for mobile without using a app on dawn them this is my website url- https://qy5kc6gxtrn6esx8-79986622787.shopifypreview.com
 how do I move the 3 dots on the slideshow to the right hand side as shown in the image this is my store url: https://uo1oiiyhyg6lhb4w-79986622787.shopifypreview.com
 Hi thank you it worked perfectly is there a way to move these 3 dots circled to the right side as shown in the image. Same store url 
 Hi how can I move this button on my slideshow to bottom left as shown in the image as there is no option to. This is my store url: https://uo1oiiyhyg6lhb4w-79986622787.shopifypreview.com
the screenshot you shared was for the web but on mobile it is still in the wrong order which is what im trying to change
Hi i tried this as shown below but it still didn't work i also tried to put it under the schema part but it didn't work any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong
Hi on mobile it is still in the wrong order 
 how do I change it so it’s in this order- Search,customer account,cart. It’s in the order I want it to be in on the web but not mobile. This is my website-https://7bkhzx9sie1fpg19-79986622787.shopifypreview.com
 How do I get it in the order search,customer account,cart. It’s in that order on the web but not on mobile this is my store.https://7bkhzx9sie1fpg19-79986622787.shopifypreview.com/
Anyone know how I can get this in the order of search,customer account, cart This Is my url preview-https://p2splyqcyal5u51z79986622787.shopifypreview.com
hi this didn't work i gave the wrong url this is the one for store that i am working on.https://9fd20b2dl5udh4mh-79986622787.shopifypreview.com
hi i haven't publised my store yet but this is it.https://9fd20b2dl5udh4mh-79986622787.shopifypreview.com i shouldnt have a password  
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