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Checklist of some obvious things, just in case:- You have saved your changes- The section or blocks are not "hidden" in the customiser- You are previewing the correct page- The theme you are editing is the same as the live theme- You are not accident...
You could try using the "Custom CSS" field in the Multicolumn section.1. Add the image you want to the files directory through your admin.2. Click the link icon to copy the file URL. 3. Go to the Multicolumn section, open the "Custom CSS" tab and add...
You may be using an older theme that doesn't take advantage of the Shopify 2.0 updates. Specifically json page templates..json template files will have a different icon next to the name. If you are comfortable editing the codebase you can make the up...
Hi Brandon,A couple of things you can do with varying levels of "hacky-ness".1.Minify your CSS (Easiest)I found this one after a quick search: copy/paste your CSS into here and it will remove all spac...
Is this what you're looking for?From your Shopify admin, click on 'Settings'.Under the 'Store details' tab, look for 'Store currency' and click on 'Change formatting'.You can manually change the way money displays on your store here. E.g.: Add a pref...
From your Shopify admin, click on 'Settings' then open the 'Notifications' tab.Click on the "Order confirmation" to open the Order Confirmation email template.Click "Edit Code" to open the code editor for the template.If you are comfortable working w...
If there is no option to change this in the customiser, then you will need to manually update the code to support an image background.The way you actually do this will depend on what theme you are using. You could try yourself in a development theme ...
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