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Thank you so much for your kind reply.Thanks to you, I solved it well.
Where should I enter the code?
       This screenshot is reduced to 60%.I like the size on mobile, but the size of the desktop collage is too big.
HelloI put the image and gif file on the product page.But the images are not as good as the original.If there's a way, please let me knowMy homepage ishttps://thesmeti.com/It is.
HelloI put in a collage of the product page.I like the size of the collage on the mobile, but the size of the collage is too big for the desktop.I want to keep my mobile and reduce the size of my desktop collage.My homepage is https://thesmeti.com/It...
              Hello.When you enter the product details page on your phone, if you see more than two related products, it will come out messy as shown in the picture.Only two products come out and slide to the right so that we can see more of the othe...
HelloThe product I posted comes in white and black.Thumbnails on the product page are images other than white and black.However, when you enter the product page, it is automatically set to white, so the white image becomes a thumbnail, not the thumbn...
My site is https://thesmeti.com/
       Hello.I want to put an image or gif file on each page of the product as shown in the picture and add text.I'd like to keep posting multiple images or gif files and text down the same way as in the picture.Please understand my explanation well....
Thank you so much.I had a hard time for a long time, but I solved it thanks to you.God Bless You!
<style>.gradient {background-image: url(https://th.bing.com/th/id/OIG.gdeWdR6VrfeujwVW5_Pm?pid=ImgGn);background-size: cover;}</style> I put this code in and put the image in the background of the homepage.But I don't want this image to be in the che...
I left a wrong comment
https://thesmeti.com/ thank you
Thank you for your answer.There's no change
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