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Hello, I would like to remove the quantity size selector border that appears when the quantity number is selected, i would like to remove the border directly from the code, and not adding extra code...
Suddenly this glitch started happening on my store, when i click on the cart drawer it will blur the page on the side, but even after i leave the cart (close it), the page will still be blur and some...
Hello guys im trying to change the background color of my search bar popup to white, so all the text would need to be changed to black also, i saw on the search page thats is already the way i would ...
Hello guys, i need help with:- I would like to move the arrow closer to the title,- When hovering display the dropdown automatically- Remove underline when hovering the subtitles inside the dropdo...
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Edit: Was fixed by adding a {
@DevDynamo it worked, thank you.
Hey @DevDynamo, thank your for your answer but i would like to change only in the mobile view, not desktop, this code changes for both. 
@PageFly-Richard Thank you, it worked.
@ZenoPageBuilder Thank you, it worked.If you could check this post you replied to https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-design/dawn-change-mobile-announcement-bar-margin/m-p/2451108#M644198I still need help if you are able, thanks.
Hey Everyone,  i need help to change the font size of the titles in my policies pages, without affecting other pages of my website Website is in my signature.Thank you. 
Hey, im looking for help to fix the cookie button position in mobile devices  Website is in my signature,Thank you.
Hey everyone, im looking to fix the current:I'm encountering an issue on my website where the cart, heart and search icon become misaligned and very small when I zoom out to the maximum possible level in Safari. However, the "account" icon, which is ...
Hey everyone, i would like to apply some changes to my breadcrumbs styling for mobile devices. My current code is (which is not working for mobile only for desktop) /* Overall styling */ .breadcrumb { background-color: #fcfcfc; padding: 5px 25px;...
Hey everyone, i added some breadcrumbs from a code i found in the internet and they worked fine, but i would like to know if they are SEO compatible ? Im not sure what details i need to provide, Steps used to add them: I created a snippet called brea...
@Ahsan_ANC thank you.
@Ahsan_ANC that worked thanks.
Hey @ZenoPageBuilder , it did not work, only for desktop.
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