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Hi, apologies I was on annual leave for 5 days so just picking this up again. I have tried a few different positions as you suggested, but none of which is getting the description to show on the front-end of the website on the collection pages. Am I ...
Hi, there is actually this section "main.collection.liquid" Could I paste this code in here somewhere?Where would be best - after that last </div> under endpaginate? 
Hi, Apologies for so many questions; however I feel so close to resolution. On the screenshot below there is no collection template, the closest thing is collection head section?    However, i cannot find "boost-sd__pagination boost-sd__pagination--c...
Is there something I can add to the theme code to get the description text to display underneath the products? 
Clicked here then it brings me hereWhen I check for "default collection" or "collection banner" I cannot see this option? I have tried theme settings and there is a tab for "collections" but no tick box for descriptions or anything similar.  I hope y...
No there doesn't seem to be option for this that I can see 
Here is an example collection page   Ideally we would want the description text to go below the collection listing images, above or below the pagination.   
The text in the back-end is not showing with my theme - Impulse version 7.4.0.  Is there a way to add the description text below the product listings? 
Hi all, I have taken on a new client to help with their digital marketing. They are UK based but ship worldwide. They have both Geolocation and LangShop setup to some degree on their website. I suspect LangShop was used first and then Geolocation at ...
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