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Hi I am also looking for the same solution. I have created two different menus - Main Menu and Member Menu. I want to show Main Menu to non-logged in visitors and Member Menu to logged in customers. I am on the latest Dawn theme. How do I achieve thi...
Hi Jess-Macedo It would be great if you could please help me with this. We are very close to the launch date and I need to get this done.  2 separate menus - one for general website visitors and another one for logged in customers.  Thank you so much...
HiI have a similar requirement. I want to hide one of the menu items from the main menu for non-logged in customers. Is there a way to do this?  The item I want to hide is Collections list  
This worked well for me as well! Thank you!
Hi Jess-Macedo Thank you for your reply. My store is www.thewellnesss.clubWe have used a lock app, so the collections are not visible to non members of the club.However, I want to include the collection list as a main menu item, which should be visib...
Hi Jess-Macedo I am trying to achieve the same thing on Dawn 13 theme. I have created the Main Menu but want to hide just one menu item (Collection list) from the non-logged in customers. How do I achieve this?
Hi I want to hide a certain item from the main menu unless the customer is logged in. Is there a way to do this in Dawn theme? What code and where do I paste it please? If you could guide where to put the code as well. Thank you
I have a similar issue. There is one item from the main menu that I wish to show only if the customer is logged in, otherwise, I want to show the rest of the menu to non logged in customers also. The item I want to hide from non logged in customers i...
Hey @saldrao79 , have you got a solution to this? We are looking to do the same thing.
Thank you so much @Developer-G, thsi worked perfectly fine!
Hey Were you able to do this?
Hi I am also looking to make 2 different forms in Dawn theme. I have already created a new version of the form (by editing the code) and is live on the site now, but I want to use the original form also on another page. How do I do that? Can you plea...
Hi I want to hide certain collections from collections list page. But want them to be visible when someone has a link. How do I do that in Dawn theme? Can you please send me the exact code that needs to be put and where?  I don't understand the cherr...
Hi @Developer-G  Can you please tell me the full code for this? I want the cart button to be displayed only for logged in customers and not for the ones who are not logged in.  It would be great if you could write the exact code. Sorry, I don't under...
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