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@redsolstore_com yes you can made
Hello @paulson1 edit your main-register.liquid file according how you want
Hello @paulson1 In Theme settings you can change adjust slide banner height 
@wigglesandwags  yes Shopify Bundles is free but can this app fulfill your requirement?
@BTBInfo  If your want limit quantity then you can use "KOR Order Limit" app. This app can help you with restrict purchases with min & max limits on product quantity, variants, order amount, items in cart.
Hello, @Kencraw1965 Exactly which things you want to customized?
@wigglesandwags  Currently there is no free app for product bundle, can you explain your requirement regrading product bundle?
@wigglesandwags  Currently which app you are using now? 
@a2zegypt Use another country IP to pay 
@Fabulousstore Use Hotjar to observe customer activity its free... you can use Kool app for live WhatsApp chat
Hello @Hob_  You can notify both customers and vendors through WhatsApp "KOOL" app  
Hello @lodomartSN   You can check "OKURU" app to receives a notification each time there is a new order
@a2zegypt  Dived the pay 2 times if possible 
@Fabulousstore 1. Observe the customer behavior.2. Use Live chat option for solved customer reviews. 
@a2zegypt  Did you contact shopify? with your register email
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