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Also I am not trying to appeal to everyone. If you look at my business and website you will see that I cater to a specific genre and group of people. Yes I am also trying to reach non Christians, but only by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.
That's not political, Its biblical. That is what my business is about is the bible. If I get rid of that then I'm Getting away from my roots and foundation which is Christ Jesus. I will not do that.
I just do ads on Facebook and email marketing. 
I have no political stuff on my site. 
Thank you, Ill Take all this into account. I know I have done a lot of this already without change but will continue.  
NEED HELP! I have a Christian Store selling apparel. , I have re-designed, and had an audit done. I have gotten thousands of visitors to my website, but only 1 sale from a non acquaintance. I do not understand what is wrong that...
I will definitely take the rest into advisement though.
Hi, thank you for the feed back. Problem is some of that I don't know how to do. I bought the them on shopify. As for the specials, I already do that. Testimonials I haven't done because I haven't mad any sales, and comparible prices I can't do becau...
I looked at your website and I don't get why your not selling either. Yours is amazing. 
Thank you. Yes it is real discouraging. Most of my sales do come from America though. I do get some from other countries but not much. I also got over 100 email sign ups and I market by email but it's not successful. I don't get it. 
Need some expert assist...I have started a Christian Apparel business on Shopify. I had my website audited, and optimized and the speed is in great range. I advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. I have no way of selecting strictly Christians ...
Same here. I was starting to think facebook was discriminating against me. I have Christian products and at first had no problems the one day all of a sudden i have a post with in 5 sec of being posted advertising a product flagged as spam and delete...
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