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Hi,Updated spotlight theme from 11 to 13. Then noticed that the quick link pages like FAQ, Returns etc were blank. The only pages that were working were ones that I had designed through theme customisation. The pages which I edited through 'pages' we...
Fantastic! thank you so much.
Hi, thanks for your reply. It's basically to have background images where there are templates or collages. I believe it's called the wrapper area. I can see the image is loaded in the background when I remove the element in front of it.
Appreciate your help, but not into handing out email. Thanks anyway.
Hi, this looks promising. Am I able to use the code to try it on my site?
Hi. thanks for replying. As you can see there's a background image behind the collage, but the wrapper around the collage obscures it. I just want to collage image and everything around it to be background image.  
I've literally spent two days on this I've tried about a dozen bits of code in every file imaginable.Using spotlight theme. I'm trying to add a background image to a collage for example. The collage has the central image and then the big white wrapp...
Hi, I'm able to have background images on my pages, except the home page. I think it's because I don't know how it's identified. Tried 5 or 6 different codes and used ChatGPT/Gemini with no luck. They seemed to suggest home page is 'index' but nothin...
The issue is on desktop. Anything over 200px in height on the 'small' banner setting is cut off. 
Hi,I just changed it to your suggested dimensions and it's chopping it off. pass: zeipia I've looked at tutorials and they're all using like 1000px etc. I just want the 'small' banner but there are no size details for it, just aspect ratio guidelines of 3:2  which doesn't fit.
Hi, Can't seem to figure this out. I want a 'small' banner at the top. Every time I design a banner and upload it, it gets cropped. It's fine on medium or large banner, but I want small. The only height that seems to not get cropped is 200px which is...
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