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I'm a customer from a business that uses Shopify.  I was ripped off and never received the product.  I'm glad that Shopify went out of business.
Now imagine what YOUR customers have to go through.  You can't even get into the Shopify website. 
I will never buy anything from any merchant that uses Shopify.  It tells your customers that you are not a series business that people should trust.  Shopify bars customers from seeing their shipping; thus, your customers have no idea if their order ...
I bought a product from a website.  Then I found out they use Shopify.  They have no help, no service, and I felt that the company I bought the product from is a scam (using Shopify lets customers know you are a joke website).  Shopify seems like a h...
I just purchased a product, but they use Shopify.  The problem, from a customer's view, is that I can't check my shipping or my order.  I am desperately trying to cancel my order and will make sure that I NEVER use another business that uses Shopify....
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