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Hi, I have searched the forum and found this question asked in several different ways, but never found a solution on any of the threads.Hi,I am trying to change the meta title and meta description on my main collections page (
I would like to increase the font size of just the header text on the desktop.Somebody please help me, I've been at this all day  Here is my website:
Hi @techlyser_web Thank you for your solution! The color change worked, but I wanted to change the desktop font-size, not the mobile.Any suggestions?Much appreciated!
Hi community! Managed to change the colour for the desktop site using this code:.header__primary-nav-item[data-title="Sale"] {color: red;} But it won't change on the mobile site. Also, I would like to increase the font-size of just the header text on...
By the way, that worked! Thank you so much for your help
How can I change the font size of just the menu items, without going through typography?
Using the Prestige theme. Struggling to change the colour of the 'Sale' menu item in my store. Haven't purchased the theme yet, but I have a preview for my website:https://f88bei6t0vhno2hm-77605110095.shopifypreview.comThanks in advance!
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