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Hi,I have an application that had been working. I switched to a different computer and environment (mac -> windows), and now I can't load the application.When I load it, it just looks the following warning (chrome):Third-party cookie will be blocked....
I'm having the same problem, can't load my app anymore
Hi, after changing computers and getting my app running again on Remix (haven't developed for a while), I get these new warnings and am unable to connect to my server. Does anybody have an idea why? and what are these "future flags"? 21:29:31 │ remix...
Not sure if it is documented somewhere, the solution ended up being resetting the application and reinstalling it at the store, which caused the webhooks in shopify.server.js to be registered. It seems that for each webhook removed/added this is nece...
Hi James, thank you for the reply.For all I know, everything seems to be correct regarding the recommendations. I'm using the latest shopify cli template. 1- My understanding is that webhooks subscriptions are configured in shopify.server.js and hand...
Hi,I'm using remix for the application, and in the routes directory I have the webhooks file.When using the shopify webhook testing tool it works as expected (for ORDERS_CREATE topic).Unfortunately when creating an order in the store, the webhook doe...
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