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Oh ok. So it’s just like posting it manually? If I have 1000 products in my shopify catalogue connected with my Pinterest catalogue, to create a pin for every product I must insert manually each information?
Thank you for the amazing response. What’s RSS? And when I go into my verified merchant Pinterest account I can’t see any pins automatically created only those that I created.
How to automatically post products as pinterest posts?
Hi, I’ve created 21 different product templates for my products, I need to associate these templates to my products. When I go into the bulk editor it will only show 2, which are not the ones I created today. Why is this?
Or if you would be able to tell me which tweaks I must do in the code I will do it and then switch with tranquillity when you guys get this feature out
Hi Ann! Would this take a couple of days? Because we need this feature before our launch and we are in the very very verge of launching
Hi,Aurora Theme actually has this feature, however I want to optimize it as their feature is currently showing images in corrispondence to their alt tag being "{variant name}", so if I had 2 Color variants (Green and Blue) for my page i must modify t...
Hey store_solver, Thank you! How so?
Hey just wondering if you got a solution. I think the answer might be related to one of my problem which is: To have the possibility of creating a product page that would just be there as a placeholder (with no variants nor add to cart, just with the...
 Do you know if it was possible to create a product page that would just be there as a placeholder (with no variants nor add to cart, just with the medias), called 'Queen and King, which functionality is to have inside 2 (option to add more) dropdown...
Or maybe using tabs and clicking the first tab will show the linked products that I set and the next tab will have the other linked products? like this:
I would like to create have the possibility to create a product page that would just be there and be a fake product, called 'Queen and King' but which functionality is to have inside or redirect to a page where the client sees a sort of bundle builde...
HiI wanted to add a feature in my product page where clients can choose 2 or 3 products, with every selection having a bunch of products to choose from.After choosing the product the client will need to be able to choose the relative size and the rel...
As arbitrary I mean that I can add the special dropdown as a section for example so if I want to boundle product that are tagged with “0001” and products “0002” and products “0003” and whatever I want, not just 2
Hello, thank you for the response! “I’m a girl” and “I’m a boy” were just a made up example, to make it clearer I will call them product “A” and product “B”: products A are defined by products that are tagged (also, not only) with “0001” while produc...
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