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Hi, I've managed to get the header transparent, but I would like the header to have a white background when scrolling, are you able to help? Here is the url: https://sigridlondon.com/ thank you!
Hi I would like to make my header transparent so the image banner becomes the background of the header.like this:any help would be much appreciated! thanks 
Great, that worked!! Thank you so much for your help! 
Hi, thank you! Here's the link: https://sigridlondon.com/
Hi,I'd like to move the title on my collection image to the top left of the image like this: I'd also like to make the text much bigger to be in proportion to the size of the photo.Much appreciated of any help!Thank you 
Thanks, but this didn't do anything.
Hi,  I want to give this image banner curved corners. Can anyone help?Much appreciated! 
Sorry just changed it!!  
Hi,  Here's the link https://sigridlondon.com/ Appreciate the help!
Hi,  I'm wondering if someone can help me. I've followed a code to make my collection list full width however, I'm left with this tiny gap to the right that I can't seem to get rid of even though all the padding has been removed. This code also remov...
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