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And here i was about to use Stripe the same way... I am also from Greece, i have been checking out digital banks lately, paypal, Adyen and i can not decide what is the best aproach. @kostas02 Αν εχεις βρει λυση θα με βοηθουσες απιστευτα.
I was recently looking into digital banks, like Revolut. I have a question regarding the transfer of funds from Stripe to a local Greek bank. Now that you've selected the once-a-month option for these transfers, is the transaction cost still 4 euros,...
hi @StubbornClothes did you find a solution to this? I am also in the proccess of opening my store and i wanted to ask you.Thanks in advance!
I'm right in the middle of setting up my own Shopify store here in Greece, figuring out the best way to handle payments has really got me thinking. It's like piecing together a puzzle – I need a payment gateway that works for my store, I need to deci...
Hi @Berkzon, did you find a good alternative? I was also looking for a payments gateway in Greece and i wanted to ask if you have any suggestions or tips?Thanks in advance!
Just started out and had the same question (also from greece). I was wondering if you found a solution, would be glad to talk to you. Είναι σπάνιο να δω Έλληνα που να ασχολείται με το αντικείμενο.
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