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Bio: A front-end developer and designer with over 10 years of professional experience. Shopify expert, theme developer and online seller. I started my web ...

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This is not a quick fix. If you require custom theme changes you are unable to perform yourself or a consultation to figure out what is the best solution for you, you need to hire a professional. You can contact me on https://ecomnoon.com/contact/ to...
You can paste this code in the section styles to achieve this look on the desktop.#shopify-section-506c1f7d-9bcf-4eb9-9487-08181fbae338 .flex-grid__item { flex-basis: 50%; } #shopify-section-506c1f7d-9bcf-4eb9-9487-08181fbae338 .flex-grid__item > * ...
I've checked it on a very big screen and it looks fine to me. You might have it cached, which means an old version with the same name is saved in your browser which is there to help the page load faster. You could delete your cookies or try a differe...
That is not an official Shopify theme. You might have an option to enable a different type of cart in your theme settings. Otherwise, it will require custom development.
Did you back up your theme before making changes? You can keep breaking one thing after the other if you approach it the wrong way. Do you know what code was changed exactly? You should fix your slider buttons, not hide them as per the other suggesti...
Hello This isn't likely anything to do with your import. You might have noticed it at the same time. The text you are seeing comes from the image gallery slider. Have you changed any code on the product page?
Hello Vizono What theme are you using?
Hello Jenajune This can be achieved with custom CSS code. Please share the link to your store so I can investigate it and give you the best answer.
Hello Please share the link to the page with the video, so I can help.
Hello Please share the store URL so I can help.
Hello Jea 1. You could create a separate product page template for every product and change the FAQ contents for each template. Then assign it to each product in the product settings. 2. You could add the questions and answers as metafields to each ...
Hello Kogun1 This happens because your theme zooms in the image to fit a different ratio container. There may be settings in those sections to change the image ratio to make them look consistent. If not, it can be achieved with custom code changes.
Hello Fineedge Would you share the link to the specific page where I can see the image, so I can help? Is it still a good resolution after you export from Photoshop?
Hello Mztoylady It looks like this theme is no longer available on the Shopify theme store. I can help if you share a .zip file of your theme or invite me as a collaborator.
Hello DK_scrubs I'm happy to help. What is your store URL? How did you determine that score?Feel free to contact me if you're not yet comfortable with sharing your store publicly.
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