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I really hadn't thought of that. That is a new perspective, do you think the Fungus names are unpleasant? Thank yoou so much for your comments!
Thank you so much. We do sell on Etsy, but still, no luck. Thanks for the feedback, will definitely implement it! All of this is very helpful I appreciate it. 
Thank you so much for the advice, will work on that. 
Not yet Good Luck!
Thank you so much. Will definitely look into that. Does Platoria offer reviews on the products even if nobody has reviewed them yet? 
Thank you so much for the feedback! Will definitely work on that. We just wanted to provide lots of information on our products. But yes, the text may seem a bit long. Thanks!
Hi Guys! I just started selling on shopify just last December. I currently have been running some Facebook ads, which have been getting me around 100 daily site views. I currently reached 1000 site views, but still. No sales and very low add to carts...
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