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Hello, We are the developers of the Shopify app Platoria: We recently received a negative review on our app, which would be fair if it had been a real store using our app. But the store did not use our app at all, bas...
Hey,I believe you are using a free theme. The design feels too basic for the year 2024. I am sure there can be many improvements in fonts, colors, etc. Most importantly is marketing for you. You need to find out who your target audience is (gender, a...
Hey,The design can be improved slightly but I don't think that is a huge problem currently.Regarding marketing, you said that you are not seeing the sales you'd like yet. Were there any sales at all? If so, do you track what kind of people exactly ar...
Yes 
But those console logs should not affect the speed of your website. So, they are only annoying to developers who happen to open the console on your site 
Hey,First, I am wondering do you have 50-100 visitors in total or per day? Because in total that is not much at all. The conversion rates are generally below 1%.I would focus a lot on marketing to the right audiences. Find out your target market and ...
Hey,Those are not errors but light warnings, so nothing to worry about. Might be something with the theme or with an app you have installed. I wouldn't worry.
Hey, Honestly, the store looks pretty solid. However, what jumped out to me was the section "Best Sellers" where there are no margins on the left and right-hand side of the screen. Else everything else looks good.If this is a new store, I am not sure...
Your site is not opening.
Hello, For a newly created store, I think it's pretty good. I would even argue that maybe you have too many products because some of them will surely be unpopular.I would personally not put "Guiding Millennials" in front of every product name.Focus o...
Hey, This time I would say that the design is actually pretty good. There might be some minor improvements but those are rather less important.What is more important though is your targeting: I assume your target audience are women of age 25-50 in th...
1) There is probably data on this. Good design definitely improves conversion - there is no doubt in my mind.2) Obviously, I don't know how exactly your Meta ads are set up. Maybe you are doing it correctly already, but you really need to define your...
Yes, that's partly true. What you can do is simply ask the AI interface to "talk to an agent" and it will give you the option to connect to Live Support.
Hey, Design should be improved to make the site feel more "unique". But enough of that was already said by the other people who answered you.You should focus your efforts on marketing - find your target audience and very specifically target them thro...
Hey, I agree the logo seems kind of out of place for a pets shop. Make it more simple. An don't forget to put the logo in the browser tab because currently it is emptyI would also improve the overall design since currently, you are using the basic Sh...
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