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Thank you. Its working but please tell me , if I want to change size, what change and where should I do ? And I want the strike through price the same as black. And what is the professional size ?
 buyhub.storeTheencircled in red.  In 2nd screenshot the product with no compared to price has not changed the price color. While products with compared to price have changed the sale price color. Moreover some products don't show sale badge even the...
The product titlt is large covering larger space in screen inturn the visitor need to scroll more. I want it to be seen directly by visiting the product page. And also the size of the price shown. I have changed the colour of the price but want to ma...
Next to price, There is no option of compare price. While we see in tutorials the options to edit compare price, which shows strike through on the price on product page, giving sense of discount to customers. Moreover I applied a discount on a produc...
I don't know how to convert jpg picture to csv. But when I go to products and there I edit the price, its just the price editable. The compare price is not editable, even there is no option to edit compare price. In lot of video tutorials, they show ...
When I try to edit the price, to edit the compare price options is not shown, only price is editable. Moreover no discounted rate is shown on product page even if I activate a discount on the product.
It doesn't show edit button 
I didn't get it. Please simplify
Please tell me how can I do this
I created some discounts but they are not showing on the product page, only at checkout is shown
I unable to access my store using the same email and password. It says " this email has no permission to access"  When I tried to visit my store from other device, as a customer, it said " this store is unavailable"  What is the reason ?
Please answer each question1) Can I send payouts from shopify payments a Payoneer account with different name than than that of Shopify payments ( to friend ) ?   2) Can I send money from shopify balance account to Payoneer account with different nam...
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