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Hi Iris, I have the same problem here is my website here my DNS Settings in squarespace.
Thank you so much!!!
I'm having issue with the inputs fields on my homepage newsletter section on mobile, when entering the Name and email address the texts are overlapping. Would appreciate any help. bendersbakery.comBendersPassword 
Can you please explain how I can achieve that?
I would like to add some margin between these 2 fields in my home page: Newsletter sign up  so there's some space between them same way it happens on the contact us page Also having issues with those fields on mobile cause the test is overlapping the...
What would be the change for changing the font on the following sections: div.product-optioncaption-with-letter-spacingspan.price.price--endh2.totals__totalp.totals_total-value 
That makes the field email show same error as the Name when left empty and click submit.But I would like the opposite result, I'd like when leaving the name and email empty display the error as in the video attached.
Hi, I'm trying to make the Name field required on the contact form. I've achieved that, but would like to display error the same way that for the case when email is left empty instead of the one that's being displayed. Right now for the Name field a ...
I have a question, what should be the changes in order to display error the same way as the email fields?
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