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Yes, I understand but I want swipe mode to be enabled.
unfortunately that did not do anything. I would like there to be 2 columns at initial display instead of one with swipe mode still enabled. 
 I have my multi columns set to 2 column display for my media/phone view but it still only shows one. Does anyone have a solution?
this is a different problem my guy
I have applied a custom code to ensure my images on mobile appear smaller than on desktop. It shows that I have successfully altered the images to my desired size through my computer browser, but when I check on my phone they still appear large.   
on mobile it still looks like the first picture I sent
please help bro
It only serves as a problem on mobile devises. I have edited the code for it to look as such on mobile, but when I go to check int on my phone it still looks the same.   
Also, when I change the font size, the columns are then way too long and have a large gap of open space.
I need to widen or enlarge my multi-columns for mobile display. They have a substantial amount of words and the columns do not auto fit or re-size to accommodate the amount of words. 
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