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Hi Everyone !I am in the manufacturing business, have a store selling merchandizes etc. As the nature of the business, I would love to know how many people are interested in a particular product prior  to producing them. Just like how the "Notify Me"...
I currently have items that for example if they want to order 2 units of the same product, the shipping rate increases by $5 USD for each extra item.Our issue here now is , what if the customer adds another SKU, into the cart the total cart price is ...
May I know what kind of template did you create ?I am also trying to hide the prices for products that will be in the coming soon collection that I am about to create. Will this also block the costs if they are able to click into product to view it's...
Dear all,I have a private collection that i have been working on for the past few weeks. Everything was fine until recently even though I did not edit the code. Currently under the same account, I am able to access my private collection page via edge...
I wanted to block out the products under a specific collection from others who can access the product via direct url. So what I did was to copy main-product.liquid (Under Section) and create a new section called main-product-(collection name).and pas...
I think i've figured it out, trying on multiple products. Will update once if it works for all. 
I have tried as well{% if customer %}{% if customer.tags contains ‘USWholesale’ %}<style>#product_element_id{display:none;}</style>{% endif %}{% endif %}
Dear all,I have been trying to find a solution but not too sure as I have not seen a solution that works. I am trying to lock a product from being viewed by everyone other than those who are tagged. I have created a product.US-Wholesale.liquid with b...
Hi ProtoMan44,Where do I paste this code? Sorry I am not very good with the coding but I am able to learn fast.Just to also check does this code only block them from viewing the whole collection or they will not be able to use direct URL anymore as w...
Hello all,I have created a private collection where the products in this collection are only meant for wholesalers and only when they are logged in they can see the collection and all the products in them via code.But at the same time, I am able to e...
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