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Hey Robiulawoalraju  the screenshots you sent can't come from a GTM custom pixel because the preview doesn't work with this kind of GTM integration. The cookie banner does not apper after creating and publishing tag with coockiebot ID.  
Is anyone of you using GTM custom pixel and managed to implement a Cookie Banner that's compatible with Google Consent Mode v2? I've tried coockiebot, but no luck. 
Hi, I see in my GA4 the traffic from meta ads marked as facebook (source) / paid (medium). I would like to know how it works and if I can disable it, change it or add the campaign parameter. When we add the utms manually to the campaigns I see that s...
Hi @Josh_Uebergang I used the code from your google shopping book and unfortunately I see that the ecomm_* parameters don't show any hits. Is that right? 
Hi Weotch, so I create a conversion linker and google ads conversion tracking tag inside the GTM and publish it and that's it? I don't need to add anything to the pixel? How did you implement the google dynamic remarketing?
Hey,in the checkout process, after submitting the order and wanting to go straight to payment, the order status page appears for like literally 2 seconds and then it redirects to the payment getaway and then back to the order status page. My question...
Hi,I have created several gmc subaccounts each for different market and now want to connect them to shopify through the google & youtube app, but the app doesn't show them. It only lets me create a new GMC standard account. Anyone know how to do this...
Hey Arjan, I'm facing the same problem, did you manage to connect your subaacounts in a mcc? 
I'm facing the same issue, did you find a solution for this problem?
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