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Thanks, I tried to do some custom code but clearly have made a mistake and now not sure how to correct. Any thoughts on where to start? I tried to go back to other versions of the code but for some reason still continues to show this now on the websi... Here’s the store - right now, I just have a very simple announcement bar which I’m trying to update 
Hi All - Looking for insight on how I can adjust the text location in Dawn theme for my store. I’m looking for something where I have some text on the left edge, and then a few links focused on the right edge. Right now, I can’t figure out how to cha...
Hi - is it possible to adjust the location of the text within the announcements bar? The default is centered, but I’m looking to have to adjusted to the left edge of the bar, and then additional text w/ links adjusted to the right side of the bar. Th...
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