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 it doesnt work. I found this in base css.  
doesnt work... any other options please
 Hi, I have a little issue. I removed the search icon from the mobile version two months ago but i would like to have it back next to the burger menu. Can someone help me please?  
Thanks! I moved it on mobile how i wanted. Can you please check the plsce on mobile and tell me how can i put the same position on detskop?
on mobile and detskop
 Thanks it works, it is possible to put it a little bit more up? 
Hi, can someone help me please to move this button on the mobile version on the same position as the detskop? 
It worked, Thanks!!!
Doesnt work... Any other options please
it works thanks. But again not on the mobile version. What should i try other?
there is already important and doesnt work:(
Still doesnt work:(
Hi, thanks but it doesnt work. Do you have any other options? 
Thank you, but it works only for detskop i need it also on the mobile version.
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