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I am curious if anyone is using the shopify collective as a supplier that is bundling products together that when you share to the collective stores for use, they are able to use it exactly how it is built?  So lets say choose a base package, select ...
I was wondering if someone had a simple script or app the literally just displayed the products to be fulfilled.  It will display nothing but the product, how many and that is it.  Do not care about order numbers etc.  Just a big projector that the C...
I meant to ask, did you happen to have an example script handy or similar I can look at to edit?
So that gives me hope.  So if this was you.  What would you do?
Is that on the roadmap to allow 3p api calls?   so there is now way I can write something that does these checks and adds and removes tags on google sheets or something that uodates Shopify customers?   Just thinking outside the box.  
I am migrating from woocommerce over to shopify and have one thing that I just can't figure out a direction to go and need some help.  I wrote some code via the functions.php in woocommerce that would take the customers email that was logged on in my...
That would be great, but I would need this to be a live type of thing, they come to checkout, enter in code and let the coupon be applied if L2 or remove coupon if not a member.
Ah okay so I think I understand what you are saying, however how would I keep it checking for membership status?  The issue would be that the s2 member site is not under our control so the membership status changes from month to month and that is why...
I must admit that I am new to shopify coding, however I wrote some code that would allow a client in woocommerce to check a subscriber s2member site for a level 2 or above and would allow the use of a coupon code we predetermined and works great in w...
I have a question, we are coming over from woocommerce and we had the ability to setup in the shopify world many options that was just one line item that was preselected so it would export over to shipstation to be printed on the packing slip to be c...
Well for now, having the screen piece is a huge win, but having the person able to do it from the big screen or even their phone to change the qty, even better.
The worker could care less about customer name, order number etc, all he needs to know is what product to cut.
I like the automation but not sure if I am explaining it right, needs to basically be on a big 85 inch TV, lets say I have 45 open order to fulfill, it will pull the product out the orders that is needed and prioritize it by date would be golden and ...
I know some use complete WMS/IMS systems to do this, but we are not quite there yet and figured maybe someone has done this or can point me into a direction of some apps that would do this.  But I am looking for a way to put onto some screens in the ...
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