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hello @Machele ,i can help with you that, I still someone has not reached out to you
Hello all,recently we have been trying to migrate the store to Shopify and find out the Shopify payments is available in UAE, and we are stuck now, our custom build website were created to sale at au,uk,ca,eu,USA , but we have created the market but ...
@Silax wrote:Scenario: The same button is clicked, User A from US, User B from UK.User A when clicked direct to www.linkA.comUser B when clicked direct to www.linkB.comHow can i achieve this?  {% assign user_timezone = request.http_headers.X-Shopify-...
section#shopify-section-template--16356924489775__custom_liquid_hU4F6x { overflow-x: auto; -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; }
can you share the store url with pasword if in case its pasword protected
Ahm can allow me to check on your theme code to identify since it is custom build then the folder file structure would be different.  
add all products to the international market then, and do the same to primary, it will be shown then on all the countries
Is there any products available on the store? can you shared a screenshot of the products tables and also from collections tables 
what exactly you want to changed? the size of the font ? for that you dnt need to access the root file of the blogs all you have to do, add a css code in your theme css file. if you want to move things in the code up and down, change the order then i...
okay i am checking this for you. 
you want to access to the code ? or what
yes i  am 
helllo,You website url and pasword if password protected.
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