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Thanks champ. 
Hello, my Image Banner text isn't showing, and I have been trying to fix the issue, but I do not know how to solve the problem. Taste - Theme 
Image is down below.In the image down below, how can I make my 'Email Signup' switch from the "Arrow ->" to Subscribe and also change the outline color?
Hey Partner(s), I would like to hire someone that are professional and reliable who are able to do codes for my store.We can contact through emails as I don't have WhatsApp. My email is below, please contact me asap. Thanks Email:
When you mean collab, do you mean I have to work with a shopify expert to adjust my store using codes?
If it's possible as you say, could you help me solve this?
Hey guys, at the bottom of the green announcement that has "Welcome to our store" I need help to put collections on it (Kitchens, Bathrooms, Livingroom etc), as well as moving the icons (social medias and currencies) on the right side if it's possibl...
I need help to remove the border line of my multirows and also remove the background colour of my image banner text. Thanks. 
One more thing friend. For Desktops, how do I display a dropdown menu (Header) without clicking onto it if you know what I mean?
Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys could fix this problem for me. In the image below, the menus are on the left side of the header, I would like to switch it and make it in the middle of the header. The Theme is Taste.
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