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hi, thank you for the response, can you tell me how I can get to "legal" because i don't see it.
Hi, thank you very much for the response. How can I contact shopify support? 
I need to change my shopify business information like ein, business name, and address on shopify but in the payments section, it doesn't give me an option to managebor edit. What do I do? Thank you.
 Hi, thank you for the response. We bought the domain specifically for the shopify so it isn't connected to any other website. I already changed the A record for and it worked but it was also asking to change the CNAME for www.sandpl...
I've been trying to connect my Godaddy domain to Shopify but it keeps giving me the error" Your domain's CNAME record doesn't point to Shopify" I don't know what CNAME record to change.  I have contacted Go Daddy and they said we have to contact Shop...
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