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Bio: Over 1,000,000 New Old Stock parts and equipment for trucks, automotive, aerospace, construction and mining, as well as farming and industrial supplie...

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When customer pay via paypal, i ship the order and tracking through shopify, but they retrieve the funds from paypal automatically, but tracking isn't added at the same time, clearly i would need that, so how do we get the tracking to add to paypal, ...
Site is nice and clean, change the checkout currency from always defaulting to Dirham DHS, i have country code set to US and it should show US$. but doesn't.How you can ship a $7.99 product worldwide for free, no idea! I suspect these are drop shippi...
In our T&C, we make the buyers click a check box to confirm they agree to our terms, i've yet to have a business hit me with a chargeback and keep the items, no business wants a UCC filed on them:16. Dispute and Chargeback ResolutionWe are committed ...
Those are impressive sales, what are your websites URL so i can see whats working?
Trying to bulk export items and nothing working the past 2 days, any ideas?
I have to somewhat agree here, i do find it very annoying for lack of a better phrase to have to keep seeing all these cancelled or refunded orders, it would be helpful if we could move them to a new folder, or just delete all together.
Maybe scraping your data, images or text, thats usually what it boils down to.
I see daily messages and horror stories of terminated accounts, yet none of the sellers provide their websites or products they are selling. I have a business with 750k products, took over 1 year to fully build and setup, and would hate to see it off...
You can submit a request to have the limitation lifted, we have 750k items on our website and we requested an exemption and was granted one for 7 days, after 6 days passed, it was clear we needed an additional extension, and a request was once again ...
Our inventory exceeds 700,000 items, and despite our unique offerings, we are encountering challenges in generating traffic through Google search results.Over the past 10 months, we have diligently worked on completing our Shopify setup and have rece...
Couple options, add an IP blocker based on the location they are at, add a verify captcha for all new accounts is another good option, helps eliminate a lot of fake accounts.
Well, apart from the blinding obvious, by not refunding the orders knowing they could be fraud, you kept the funds which were not your to keep either. They will not refund you the fees and risk dept will see you have 5 chargebacks in one day, not goo...
I'm encountering difficulties in aligning the text within my collection pages. While the product displays are perfect, the collection pages based on wildcard searches are quite inconsistent, particularly in the alignment of title and description text...
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