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Hello I need removing all these dynamic buttons on the cart page? For some reason they are all under the cart button and it looks so messy! my website is i have attached the screen shot of the issue below: Thank ...
Hi, I need help with the following.1. Remove express checkout from checkout. See attached screenshot. It is place under my checkout button on mobile and looks so confusing for customers to checkout. 2. Remove Apple Pay button from product page and re...
Thank you adding the content between the style tags works on custom css section on theme settings.Really appreciate the help.
Thank you for the reply. do you mean to add the code above the </body> tag in theme.liquid code ?  Thank you 
Hi, I need help making the compare at price and sale price appear in the same line on collection pages and featured collection on home page. wt the moment the appear as the compare at price and sale price underneath in a seperate line on mobile? Also...
Hi can I ask I added this solution to my store but the font is different sizes in my store for the compare at price and sale price. 1. how can I make the font the same size? 2. On mobile how can I align the sale and compare at price so it appears on ...
When I added This cold it didn’t make the font bold it just changed the font to black so the whole button was black which no white text?
Hello,  I also need the same solution but need to make the button text bold, currently looks like this. THANK you  
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