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hiit worked differently, it still shown the price and call to inquiry
hi, is there any way to change the price on the product grid too, like the search and the collections?
i cant find product product.liquid , product-template.liquid....  nor that particular code in other places but is this what i'm looking for?  
i see, now i need to reset the call to inquiry to the price section
atleast for now, i need to change the hair machine products price to "Call to Inquiry"
which one should i seek? and so i have to edit it from liquid?
Hi,Is there any way to make the 0 buck priced product or some collection to say "Call to Inquiry" in place of the price? 
So my company want to make these product have a 10% discount:but my front end still show me 20% off....we use dawn and i can't change the price from my account to recheck it further but i can add/edit the liquid. So i need to know what liquid code th...
 hi, i find this bug today at the footer and when i remove your previous code it still exist. how to remove it?
hi, is that code didn't work right now? i tried to place it under that code but it didn't show me the related product.
what happens after i delete all the blogs, does all the posted blogs got deleted?
i tried to change the menu again yet it won't work 
i put ti correctly under the shop menu, but where can i set it for the header and if i set the link other than #,  it appeared. 
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