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Bio: We've got the secret sauce for crafting the best online shopping experience. Our team of e-commerce experts specializes in creating custom design and ...

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Hi @MNicacio  You should report them on click on Report a merchant. Follow questions and fill in necessary data. ...
Hi @ThisIsReallySad  Have you tried to type "chat with a support advisor"? Select the store and hope that you do not wait long. 
Hi @Gildedridge  You can do this in different ways. First, you can add a bit of CSS code to that section, in Custom CSS part add .card--card:after,.card--standard .card__inner:after { box-shadow: none; } or in assets/component-card.css .collectio...
Hi @alijaber93  Could you share a link to your product page? Most things do not happen suddenly on their own  Your issue looks like maybe missing a closing anchor tag in the code so the link wraps all other content. Or maybe some app you tried broke...
Hi @blakelyhi  To remove the zoom effect you can comment out the line with transform:scale in theme.css line 9695 .product-item__image--two.image{ position:absolute; top:0; right:0; bottom:0; left:0; height:100%; z-index:2; opacity:0;...
HI @Cindy_Loughman  That sounds terrible. I have not heard about that issue. It could be possible, maybe some code tampering but really not that likely. Could you share your store URL? Also, do you use some dropshipping service or do you have your ow...
Hi @sao  I have checked the code and there was nothing connected to that app. Do check your theme product page in configuration and under apps check if maybe that pp is still there. Because even while installed if I disable it there it does not show ...
sure, you can send me file code in private message.
Hi @Firdos1  First, a good job of setting the store up. You covered most of the steps to set a base foundation. You got products, prices, collection, shipping, and payment sorted so functional shop.  But a few things are missing for me. Contact infor...
Hi @sao  Even if you uninstalled them, they may have left some code behind. Check your theme.liquid for any code related to those apps.Second thing, it could be just cached on the Shopify side and it will be gone after a while. They are not a JavaScr...
Hi Todd First, to say it is OK to begin something in the e-commerce world and feel overwhelmed.  And you should start slowly discovering Shopify and all its features. But if you dedicate a year and really focus you will improve so much. But it is not...
Hi @DesignedLeanne  Yeah, not sure where you got that product-media-container class. I have not seen it in the source code.So try with .product__media-list .product__mediaShould work with no issues. 
Hi @JaggedExterior  As a regular visitor, your store is alright, looks mostly clean, has ok images, and the price is fair. But...There is one thing I check first before shopping and that is contact detail. You just have @gmail  address which is not  ...
Hi @Vlad_122  Not sure if this is of any help but maybe check config/settings_schema.json and see if theme_name is correct. Also, have you checked if your theme name matches any of the themes already on the marketplace? 
HI @EquiZone Just a quick feedback. I added some boots to the cart, and the first impression was that the slideout cart was too busy. There is too much space occupied to buy gift products. But the worst part for me was that I couldn't add any of thos...
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