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yes! trying to add that. I would be willing to pay a developer to make a few alterations 
Yes! trying to add those so someone can select those options and add the little pictures next to it also here is mine   
please take a look at the link Fiercely Strong Coffee | Dark Roast Coffee – Death Wish Coffee Company im basically trying to add a "ground" and "whole" option with a picture next to it exactly like death wish has it.  any idea what app would be best ...
Good afternoon! trying to make the menus on the header bigger as they are to small. What would be an acceptable code to change this? thank you!
Hello! I know Shopify has changed a lot for customization. Wondering what the best way to add an order status page to Shopify. Would using an app be easier or is there a built in app into Shopify that customers can put an order number in and track it...
Trying to add the legal stuff to my site. Long story short how do i go about doing something similar to deathwish?  Coffee – Death Wish Coffee Company if you scroll to the bottom that is how i would like mine to look but looks like it redirects to a ...
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