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Hey, I tried to set up the BUYXGETY Discount now for 2 hours but it never worked. When I add the Y item in cart it is still normal price, I also use impact theme, it used to work wit bundle apps but not 
Hey I just checked again, it doesnt work for me 
quick question, do you remember paying with Klarna Flexible Payment or Klarna Pay Later?
Hi, could you find anything?
Of course
Hello all, I´ve been noticing dropping performance in sales until i noticed today, that all klarna paymenst have failed for customers, as a huge amount of customers use Klarna to pay at my store, this was a huge loss in sales. Please help!!!
Hi, the images are not shown on mobile version on the page.Is there a way to fix this ? any help is appreciated 
Hey Guys, somehow the slideshow section doesnt work for me.The pictures wont be shown/displayed on the page. In the slide editor the picture is shown but not on the page.I use the refresh theme, everything else seems to work but the images on the sli...
Hi, Id like to change this from grey to white background color, ive tried chanhging it with css code didnt work, I use Refresh Theme. Any help is appreciated
arent there any specific css codes? I saw that i worked for others putting some code in theme.css but i dont have that section in my assets
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