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I have another banner image if you scroll more down. Can you give me a code for that one too please? Thanks!!! you saved hours for me 
Hi! can you please help me too? > loudi.nlIts not the video background im having issues with that one works fine.If you scroll down on desktop youll see 2 images of a man and woman. These 2 are not visible/ appear white on mobile view.
Hi, i have the exact same problem for my site > loudi.nl The video background works on mobile view but if you scroll down you wont see the 2 images but they are able to see on desktop. Does that code work on every website? 
Its the 2 bannerimages if you scroll down, not the video. Do you think you can help me with this? @maufa_42 
Hi, yes that video works. Only the 2 images if you scroll down dont work. Youll see it on desktop not on mobile
Hi, i have an image banner that doesnt show on mobile view. How do i fix this?my site is loudi.nl
I already fixed it, somehow you have to change it 1 by 1 and not all at the same time...
Hi, everytime i add an product and go to Variants and change the sizes (for example i change size M to XS because i want to convert asian sizes to EU). First couple products worked fine but now i get an error everytime i try to change the sizes and i...
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